Alexandr Karakhanyan

Alexandr Karakhanyan was born in 1982 in Yerevan. He began to practice music at the age of 8, entering the musical school after E.Mirzoyan, the class of cello. He has been studying at the Professional musical school after P.I.Chaykovski (class of Professor A.Mesropyan) from 1996 till 1997. He has studied at the professional musical school of Moscow (class of A.Seleznyov) from 1997-1999, then in 1999 has entered the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, the class of cello (Armenian honored artist, professor Aram Talalyan). In 2004 has graduated from the Conservatory with excellence. In 1994 has taken part in the festival dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of Republic of Armenia and has been awarded by the prize. In 1995 has taken part in “Amadeus” Republican contest, awarded with a prize. In 1997 has been awarded by the 2nd prize and the special prize for being virtuous of Strings Republican contest by A.Aslamazyan and A.Gabrielyan. In 1999 in Moscow he has been awarded the title of laureate during the 3rd international contest “Virtuosos of the XXI century”. In 2008 has taken the 2nd prize during the Republican Chamber Ensemble Contest after Karen Kostanyan. In 2010 he was awarded the letter of appreciation by “Mahak” organization, for supporting participating in the concerts organized by the charity fund for children suffering from the oncological diseases. In 2011 Alexandr Karakhanyan was awarded the letter of appreciation by the Tchiatura Municipality Council and Tchiatura territorial-educational and cultural-creative Center, for active participation in “The Second Winter Academy of Chiatura” second international festival (Georgia). In 1996-1999 he has received the scholarship from “New Names” Charity Union and in 2000-2003 from “Friends of Art” Germanic organization. From the age of 14 he has appeared with various orchestras in different countries. In 2004 he has graduated from the Conservatory, having contribution in the cultural life of Artsakh, founding the class of cello. From 2007 till now he took part in the following festivals: in 2012 Germany-Armenian Music Union Festival (Germany, Karlsuhe), 2007-2012 viola and cello festival after Henrik and Geronti Talalyans (Armenia), 2007-2014 festival “Return” (Armenia), 2007-2014 “Art gallery” festival (Armenia), 2010-2011 “Telavi International Chamber Music Festival” (Georgia), 2010-2011 “The second Winter Academy of Chiatura” International festival (Georgia), 2010 “3rd Mahak international Music Festival” (Tehran, Iran)m 2010 “Young Euro Classic 2010” international festival (Berlin, Germany), 2009 “International Chamber Music Festival” (Gerorgia). In 2010 he has given the concerts in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland as a solo. From 1999 has been working at the following orchestras: in 2012 State solo ensemble of Armenia, in 2011 “Narekatsi” baroque chamber orchestra (first cello), from 2009 till 2011 “Georgian Sinfonietta” chamber orchestra (first cello) (Tbilisi, Georgia), 2006-2007 “Transcaucasus Chamber Orchestra” (first cello)(Tbilisi, Georgia), 1999-2002 “Armenian Komitas State Conservatory Symphony orchestra” (first cello). In 2013 Alexandr has founded the Oda piano trio, which gave concerts in different European countries, including Georgia and Armenia. This year the Trio has planned to record CDs, in which will be the compositions of Armenian composers.